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   In a world where the USSR never collapsed, a gulag prisoner is sent to the forbidden city of Prashakov to find the source of a mysterious radio signal in exchange for his and his son's liberty.

   Signal is the graduation project of my friends and I. We worked a full year on it to produce this 20 minutes playable demo.

Producing, Manon BIONNET

Game Design, Anais BLINEAU

Game Design, Eliot SERRE

Programming & Translation Emma D'ACUNTO

Programming, Fantin GERDY

Narrative Design & Level Building, Thomas SOCQUET

Sound Design, Remi SEVE

Voice Actor 1, Martin CASTILLON

Voice Actor 2, Bastien BERNAND

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
Tagsdemo, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, ussr




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Nice game !

Please update via announcement if you do a WASD layout :) thanks

I will be playing this live 7/18 around 6:30-7 PM EST =D.


Played this on my last stream and loved it!  The controls were a bit difficult on my keyboard but we made it work.  Looking forward to more development!  Come say hi sometime.  Name on twitch is same as it is here <3

Definitely would play through a longer version. It's a little bare bones, but as a demo should be. Supplies information and theories, a brief taste, and then it's gone. Found it played pretty well for a demo, looks good, plays good, no real bugs or difficulty getting through. 

Good luck on the future of this project guys! 

Interesting game and gameplay. 

Why Walk is [Z][Q][S][D]?

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Seeing as it is the main concern, I think it's fair that I answer.
Simply because we're French and use the AZERTY setup x) As this game was first made for our French jury (Since it is after all an exam) and then to share with the world, we focused on AZERTY controls.

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Then may i ask why you made an english voice line for a game you made for French? Tell me if i wrong you are not using english there right?

cool game besides the key bindings 

I'm sure you've seen the complain about the keyboard setting being unchangeable, but my other issue honestly is, the "reveal". It's not that scary, but maybe if you change the design a bit and some sound design it would be more scarier. That said I LOVE the atmosphere leading up to.

Amazing work on the demo, you did a great job on using the environment to lead the player through the level perfectly. It is a really interesting story you have started with an Alt-Earth seeing that the Chernobyl Disaster did not happen. Yet we are exploring an abandoned city with what feels like Radioactive Shades. The notes were engaging and it was definitely not where I was expecting the game to go.

I Hope I can see more in the future. It could be a great horror game.

You might not be getting many downloads, I think it took nearly an hour to download for some reason, mediafire was just being slow.

WASD control options will greatly improve the game, but other than that I enjoyed it a lot.

I think this is a great short horror game. The only complaint I had with it was no ways to change controls from zqsd to wasd. Other than that great horror atmosphere!